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Animals are in need of your help! Pet food banks are suffering with declining donations due to the poor economy. More pets are being abandoned or neglected. Shelters are running at FULL capacity. This is increasing the need for more pet foster homes and adoptive families.

Eye Deals Eyewear, founder of Paws N Claws Eyewear™ would like to shed light on this issue, raise awareness and ask for your support.  We are launching the SUPPORT 4 PAWS™ Pet Food Drive Campaign beginning November 2011. This will be an ongoing venture to show our support for helping animals in need. 

We will be providing every eyewear location that carries the Paws N Claws™ Brand with a basket and sign. This will make it easy and convenient for people to drop off pet food and supplies. Each location may already have a favorite local pet shelter or local pet food bank in mind, if not you can easily find one by searching the web or asking friends. When you have gathered donations someone from your location can drop them off to the shelter or food bank. To make it more convenient, you may be able to have someone from the shelter or food bank pick them up.  We want to make this as easy as possible and successful for everyone involved.

Although the SUPPORT 4 PAWS™ Pet Food Drive Campaign is geared toward members of the 3-O Market, and those locations who offer and sell Paws N Claws™ Eyewear, a basket and sign is available to anyone interested in participating, supporting and giving back! Please contact us if you know of anyone else interested in participating in this Campaign.

Developing this Pet Food Drive was a labor of love and meant to raise awareness in the local communities through various means such as the media, advertising, and word of mouth. The participation of all those involved should not go unnoticed. We believe that this campaign will create a “pawsitive” response for all those generously participating and donating. Most importantly, the animals will be benefiting from your generosity.

We are passionate about sponsoring this pet food drive and offering another way to support animals in need. We hope you will feel as passionately as we do about wanting to help! If you have any questions about this campaign and how it will work please do not hesitate to contact us.


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